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StandOut®, powered by ADP®, workshops are ideal for individuals, leaders, and teams, our core workshops are engaging experiences that offer practical tools and strategies to help your people bring the best of themselves to work. Flexible and scalable, these workshops have been built in a modular way, providing live and virtual delivery options.

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Help your people play to their strengths every day.
Allow individuals at any level to explore the strengths-based mindset and gain a deeper understanding of how they show up to others. Combining the StandOut® Assessment, facilitation, and interactive activities ensures contributors hone their talents and win at work.
Enable leaders to turn talent into performance.
Based on what the world’s greatest team leaders do differently, StandOut Team Leader empowers team leaders to be effective people managers. Leaders will come away with a fundamental understanding of the powerful connection between team members’ strengths and their team’s level of success.
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Create a road map to drive team performance.
Support modern workplace demands by guiding teams to understand each other’s strengths and apply them to real-world work. Colleagues will learn to work interdependently to achieve optimal performance in effective, results-driven teams.
Help your leaders become inspiring coaches.
Empower leaders to accelerate individual team member performance using a simple coaching model, foundational coaching skills, and core conversations. Propel success with the use of real-time, in-the-moment coaching that addresses specific work situations or challenges.
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StandOut Strengths Coaching
August 25-28, 2020 — Beverly Hills, CA
StandOut Strengths Coaching: Certification is designed to support coaches or experienced professionals with adopting a strengths-based lens for their practice. Through in-person and virtual sessions with other qualified professionals, participants will practice and apply proprietary tools to support clients in fully developing and applying their strengths. Outcomes include:
  • Understand foundational strengths philosophy; educate clients on strengths philosophy.
  • Practice key strengths-based coaching strategies: support clients in understanding their strengths and how to use them to produce results and reach their goals.
  • Learn strategies for managing client weaknesses; teach clients to self-support.
  • Speak confidently to and coach effectively around the 9 StandOut strength Roles and combinations for individual and teams.
  • Leverage the StandOut Platform to support coaching conversations.
  • $8,000 USD

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StandOut Debrief Certification
Ongoing — Virtual
The StandOut Debrief Certification program trains coaches to deliver a highly personalized StandOut results debrief, using the context of people’s lives — their goals, challenges, and dreams — to expand their awareness and understanding of what they bring, and how their Top 2 StandOut Roles best serve them. This certification is designed to ensure that coaches have all the information and practical experience they need to guide individuals effectively through their StandOut results and help them choose meaningful action. Outcomes include:
  • Receive a 90-minute Debrief from a TMBC Mentor Coach.
  • Participate in a detailed analysis of each part of StandOut assessment results.
  • Grow your StandOut expertise by learning to address common reactions and objections to StandOut results.
  • Practice and receive coaching feedback on multiple StandOut Debrief deliveries
  • $3,000 USD stand alone
  • $1,500 USD as add on to additional certification workshop

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