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Move your audience to expand their beliefs with StandOut®, powered by ADP®. Our 60-minute Keynotes are designed to inspire large audiences and introduce people to the strengths-based approach in an interactive way.

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Kickstart your company’s strengths journey for all employees by exploring a new definition of strengths that creates the foundation for unlocking your people’s talent. This interactive experience will introduce simple techniques to identify personal strengths and help people build their dream jobs — right where they are.

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This keynote helps team leaders build habits that unlock strengths — for themselves and for their teams. Exploring methods for discovering their unique style and capabilities, team leaders will scale impact by expanding this strengths-based approach to their own team members.
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Coming soon! Empower leaders with their own coaching skills. This interactive presentation introduces seven guiding principles of strengths-based coaching and explores a simple strengths-based model leaders can use to guide conversations with their teams.
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Coming soon! Introducing the four keys to driving team engagement, this keynote will discuss the secret ingredients that make a high-performing team stand out and explore how teams can leverage members’ strengths to boost performance.

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