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Engagement has Evolved

Cumbersome surveys, confusing results, team leaders uninspired to act on outdated information — all of these can be a thing of past. Measuring engagement no longer has to feel like an obligation with little return.

StandOut®, powered by ADP®, measures engagement accurately with ease, and puts the data right in the hands of your team leaders. Why team leaders? Because they’re the ones who can move the needle. We’ve spent 25 years researching what the best team leaders do, and reverse-engineered it to create the tools that all team leaders need. It starts by arming them with reliable, real-time data from a straightforward survey, enabling them to do something about engagement.

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The Research is Clear

Employee engagement doesn’t have to be complicated. Successful engagement strategies need the 4 elements below to be effective.

Ask the right questions.

Research has revealed the 8 questions that predict retention and performance.

Ask the right people.

Ask at the team level (including dynamic teams that don’t show up on your org chart).

Ask at the right time.

Empower both team leaders and HR to launch surveys when needed with results delivered in real time.

Prescribe the right actions.

Provide your leaders with personalized coaching insights that help them address the factors that matter in building engagement on their teams.

Thrilled by the prospect of a survey your people will want to take? See why simplicity doesn’t sacrifice validity in our Engagement Pulse White Paper.

Check out just some of the awesome results our clients are seeing:

A 27% increase in Fully Engaged employees with Financial Services clients.

A 39% increase in Fully Engaged employees with Healthcare clients.

A 23% increase in Fully Engaged employees with Hospitality clients.

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