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StandOut®, powered by ADP®, offers coaching as a highly effective way to activate talent, suited to your organization’s diverse needs. Our approach offers proven strategies based on over 25 years of research, delivered by coaches with elite qualifications. Our coaching offerings combine flexible programming, meaningful content, and expertise to quickly achieve valuable business outcomes.

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Expect results thanks to our highly trained professionals.
StandOut Coaches participate in 100 hours of training and
development each year. In addition, each coach brings an exceptional amount of corporate and industry experience to the table. Learn more about their qualifications below.
  • Completed a rigorous coaching certification recognized by the International Coaching Federation.
  • Built at least five years (often more) of corporate coaching experience.
  • Served in a senior leadership capacity and managed others.
  • Completed a 75-hour strengths-based coaching certification through TMBC.

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Develop and retain talent across the board with Coaching to explore and develop your people’s unique strengths. Driven by action-oriented insights for ongoing results, strengths-based coaching effectively reveals people’s natural gifts and talents so that they may bring the best of themselves to work.

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A standalone individual session prepares your people to make their greatest impact by identifying how to leverage their Top 2 StandOut Roles in their own personal world of work.
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These sessions generate practical strategies and tools for managing people to build high-performing teams and achieving personal goals as a leader. Working with a coach to address specific individual needs, coachees will learn to identify strengths, set clear performance objectives, and foster teamwork and collaboration.
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Reserved for senior leaders, this coaching focuses on the challenges and opportunities involved with being an executive. Common themes include: strategic planning, leading through change, resilience, conflict management, increasing emotional intelligence, and more.
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Reserved for executive or leadership teams, this program is designed to help a team create alignment on specific goals, challenges, and opportunities. Teams will learn proven techniques to unlock the best of themselves and those they work with, and apply this new approach to the team’s and organization’s most pressing needs.

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